India | Justin Trudeau’s plane grounded due to technical problems

Technical problems with a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) plane prevented Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation from leaving New Delhi, India, following the G20 summit on Sunday.

“When we left for the airport, we were informed by the Canadian Armed Forces that aircraft CFC001 was experiencing technical problems. As these issues cannot be resolved this evening, our delegation will remain in India until other arrangements are made,” briefly indicated the Prime Minister’s entourage, who was informed of the situation on the way to the airport. .

More clearly, this means that the Canadian delegation will remain in India until another return trip can be arranged.

This is not the first time that issues have arisen with the machines of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), which has five CC-150 Polaris planes having been in service since 1992. The federal government predicts that they will reach their end of useful life in around four years, around 2027. In July, a contract was also signed with Airbus Defense and Space to acquire other aircraft.

Mr. Trudeau was in theory due to return to Ottawa this Monday. He arrived in New Delhi on Saturday, on the occasion of the G20 summit bringing together the main world economies, a step marking for him the end of his trip to the Indo-Pacific.

During his visit to New Delhi, Prime Minister Trudeau suggested that if he had his way, the G20 leaders’ statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would have been much stronger.

The Liberal leader also pointed out that if other leaders had done what they wanted, the declaration would have been much weaker. He called the G20 an “extremely disparate group”, adding that the representatives worked very hard to deliver “as strong a message as possible”.

Ultimately, world economic leaders agreed on a final compromise statement, with softened terms to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It calls for an end to military destruction or other attacks on infrastructure, as violence affects food and energy security as well as supply chains.

“Not only is Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine criminal and unacceptable and killing thousands, it is also creating an energy crisis and food insecurity around the world,” he said. side hammered Justin Trudeau on the spot.

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