In the Vosges, an amazing drums museum for lovers of cymbals and snare drums

In Senones, in the Vosges, a battery museum has just been created. A hundred pieces from an incredible personal collection allow visitors to discover the history of this instrument over time, fashions and countries.

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The battery museum (France 3)

Are you a fervent fan of Stewart Copeland of Police or Ian Paice of Deep Purple? Do you want to know more about their favorite instrument? Behind the window of an old DIY store in Senones in the Vosges, hides a unique place.

The first battery museum brings together hundreds of rare pieces from all over the world. Some go back to the origins of the instrument like this pedal drum set from 1926. “It was designed for accordionists and other instrumentalists who accompanied themselves. It’s a bit like the advent of the first men orchestras” explains David L’huilllier, the museum’s curator. Another nugget of the collection, the drums used on the tour of Old Scoundrels with Eddy Mitchell, Jacques Dutronc and Johnny Hallyday.

The battery museum
France 3

Against prejudice

This private collection has been patiently built up over thirty-five years. The owner, Jean-François Vassas, has chosen to share his passion with the public but also to put an end to the clichés. Because the drummer is not just a hairy guy with tattoos and a tank top who rocks and rolls while shaking his head. “No, being a drummer is a lot more sensitive than that, it’s a lot more knowledge than that, it takes two seconds to recognize the beat, the touch, the sound of a drummer, whatever the instrument ‘he uses” he specifies.

The unique sound of a drum kit depends on who is playing it, but also on the skin, the number of timpani, and boxes as well as their shapes. The materials are very varied. “Batteries are not only made of wood, there is also plexiglass material that came out in the 70s“adds David L’huillier.

The brand new Sénones drums museum aims to be a living structure by offering exhibitions, concerts and introductory drumming lessons.

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