in the midst of a scandal and after the complaint filed against Hiromi Rollin, Anouchka Delon breaks the silence on Instagram

Since this Wednesday, July 5, 2023, the Delon family has been in the media for a very sad affair. We have indeed learned that the children of Alain Delon, namely Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien, have filed a complaint against Hiromi Rollin, a woman presented for years as the “lady companion” of their father. Convinced that this woman is trying to isolate the 79-year-old actor, in order to take advantage of him, they took the decision to sue him for “moral harassment”, “abuse of weakness” but also “violence”.

The day after this announcement, several personalities and relatives of Alain Delon came out of silence to give their opinions. Jean-Pierre Lécluse, for example, remembered a day when Hiromi forbade him to take a photo with the actor. He then went further by assuring that according to him, Alain Delon was “held on a leash” and “captured” by Hiromi Rollin.

Without forgetting Véronique de Villèle, a close friend of the actor who has just testified to BFMTV in order to support the children and to make revelations about this “detestable” lady according to her.

Anouchka Delon comes out of silence after the complaint
If Anthony Delon spoke about this case, his little sister Anouchka also did it on Instagram. The young woman has indeed evoked the complicated period that her family is going through, paying tribute to Loubo, the dog of Alain Delon. “Wherever there is an unfortunate, god sends a dog. Thank you my Loubo for being there for your master” she said. And to add: “To those who recognize themselves, thank you for their unfailing support for the building of truth. We are more than touched.”.

According to our colleagues from Paris Match, it would also be the treatment inflicted on Loubo which would be at the origin of the start of the case because Alain Delon would have called his son Anthony to complain about the fact that the animal had been sent to a kennel by Hiromi Rollin. Enough to push his children to suspect something in particular because their father loves this animal more than anything…


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