In the middle of the Pierre Palmade affair, the daughter of Yves Renier, Lola Zidi, reveals in full “TPMP people” her addiction to alcohol: self-sabotage!

The Pierre Palmade case allows the media to discuss countless subjects and not just road accidents. The 54-year-old artist having tested positive for cocaine at the time of the pileup, many colleagues take the opportunity to ask the question of addiction to various drugs and ways to get out of it. This is why Matthieu Delormeau, this Saturday February 18 on the set of “TPMP People”, received Lola Zidi to talk about it. The daughter of Yves Rénier, who recently mentioned her sister, Kristophy, whom the actor who died on April 24, 2021 has always hidden. But if the daughter of “Commissioner Moulin” accepted the invitation of C8it was indeed to evoke the problems of addiction and not his sister.

Because yes, Lola Zidi has long had problems with alcohol as she revealed on set this Saturday, February 18. The perfect opportunity to raise the subject given that the debate of the day was as follows: “Are the stars right to talk about their demons?”. A question to which the 36-year-old actress answered “yes” and gave the reasons: “I find it great that people can identify with a reconstruction. And I find it great when you’re not always pretending that everything is perfect”.

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Lola Zidi, daughter of Yves Rénier, talks about her addiction to alcohol and the day she managed to get out of it

Indeed, herself an alcoholic several years ago, Lola Zidi would undoubtedly have liked to have an example of people coming out of this hell if this was not the case. Especially since her addiction was very strong as she revealed to Matthieu Delormeau when the host wanted to know more about his demons.

“Just a question, did you drink a lot? What is alcoholic?”he asked his guest before she told him: “I don’t know what you call alcoholic but I hurt myself with alcohol and I used it to destroy myself”. Finally, it was on December 24, in 2016, that Yves Rénier’s daughter was able to take over and become master of her life again: “I decided never to drink a drop of alcohol again. So it’s been six years”.


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