in the middle of an interview, her darling Diego El Glaoui makes a surprising admission

A couple for several years, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui are also partners at work. In the new documentary series called “Influence(s)”, the famous couple decided to reveal the behind the scenes of their jobs, the former Miss France being a content creator and her darling being director of the agency which ‘job.

After a notable appearance on the show “What a time” which caused a clash with Magali Berdah, Diego El Glaoui was this Tuesday, February 27, 2024, on the set of “Buzz TV” from Figaro Magazine. The opportunity for the young man to admit that faced with the increase in burglaries and thefts, his darling Iris is forced not to expose her jewelry.

Iris Mittenaere forced to wear fake engagement ring

“We had a very bad surprise with Iris, there were teams following us, monitoring us and who were spotted in front of our home” he revealed before adding: “It was right after I proposed, right after she shared her engagement ring on the media…”.

He keeps on : “From there, we said to ourselves that it was a danger so we tried not to wear valuable jewelry in France. We had replicas of Iris’s engagement ring made. So she wears it a fake one when we are in France and she wears the real one in Dubai” he then said, recalling that they share their lives between Paris and Dubai. “It’s regrettable and it’s damaging because we love this country so much, it’s where we were made, that we must have had trouble seeing the security situation evolve. We see it a little because the Celebrities are targeted but it’s everyone who is targeted, everyone in the street. It pains us to see that we have to use stratagems…”.

Diego El Glaoui talks about the difficulty of managing security on a daily basis
As agency director, Diego El Glaoui now has a protective role towards his many talents to whom he provides valuable advice to avoid any theft: “We support our talents, we teach them what to do and what not to do. We don’t force anyone but for example we encourage them not to film around their home, when we film ourselves inside, we remind them that the exterior must not be recognizable. They must also be careful when having a delivery, they do not give their name or telephone number, they prefer to have it delivered to the agency and then have calling on a private service which then delivers to our talents… it’s very complicated.”


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