In the Doubs, a private bar welcomes renowned rock guitarists for intimate concerts

Cédric Tassetti is a rock lover and collects the guitars of famous artists or groups. Renowned guitarists with whom he has forged ties and some of whom come to perform in his bar for private concerts in front of a hand-picked audience.

On the wall, about twenty guitars and for each one a plaque bearing the name of their illustrious owner. Welcome to Cédric Tassetti’s wine bar in Orchamps-Vennes, in the middle of the Doubs countryside. But to enter here, and discover this incredible collection, you have to be a member. Because the establishment, opened in 2014, is private.

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Motörhead, AC/DC, Muse…

Intimate concerts take place here several times a year with renowned guitarists who do not hesitate, between two dates on their tours, to come and play for an evening in this unusual place. And in the first place, Phil Campbell, guitarist of Motörhead, at the origin of Cédric’s collection since he was the first to offer him his guitar. The Welshman is also the godfather of the bar.

I’m really proud to be the godfather of Cédric’s bar, it’s an amazing place and I love going there. It’s great to meet the fans in a more intimate way and then there are exceptional guitars and very good wines.

There are no barriers, in general, there is still a small program so that it is not too much of a mess. There are questions and answers with the artist (…), we play a little bit with him, there is the guitar discount, people get autographs done, take pictures, and then we can have a drink with the artist, there aren’t really any rules, it’s pretty cool, and it’s very family-friendly. This is what artists appreciate“, says Cedric.

Famous musicians, but also others, less known or amateurs, who can also organize their private concert here, every first weekend of the month. Cédric should see a new guitar join his collection: a guitar by Rudolf Schenker from the group Scorpions, expected in the village towards the end of the summer.

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