In pictures – Nabilla is offered a trip to Japan and succumbs to kawaii style

They have loved each other since season 5 of Reality TV Angels, in 2013. Inseparable, even after the knife affair, Nabilla and Thomas had two adorable little boys, Milann and Leyann, and got married in 2021. And if between them, the fire is still intact, it’s because the man still knows how to give his girlfriend big surprises. A few days ago, he surprised her with a nice trip… to Japan, for her birthday.

Completely kawaii

And like Kim Kardashian before her, Nabilla couldn’t resist doing some crazy things in Japan. On January 27, 2024, in particular, the influencer returned to her childhood by going to discover the Universal Studios park, located in Osaka in Japan, and in particular Mario Bros World.

Then arriving in Kyoto, Kawaii madness took hold of our Nabilla. Exit the femme fatale looks that she has worn until now, it is in a hairy purple coat, and a candy pink dress, with straightened Asian-style brown hair, and a pair of very Polly pocket sunglasses that the ravishing Nabilla spent the day visiting and making culinary discoveries.

Enough to forget the start of this trip, which could have turned into drama for the social media star. After a snow vacation, ruined by the loss of her luggage, Nabilla almost did it again upon her arrival in the land of the rising sun.

A trip that started badly

She explained to her subscribers: “Ie explain to you what just happened, I have to. We each had a taxi with our suitcases, Thomas comes and sits next to me. But I said to him ‘how is your taxi going to follow us’, he said to me ‘don’t worry, he has the address’… The gentleman arrived 20 minutes after us. We almost lost all our suitcases.” Good news also for Nabilla fans, who should therefore discover new, even more studied looks during this trip.


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