in order to fight against discrimination in hiring, Marc Ferracci (Renaissance) wishes to “generalize” the practice of “testing”


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Marc Ferracci, deputy and vice-president of the Renaissance group in the National Assembly, was the guest of “4 Truths” on France 2, Wednesday June 28.

On July 6, the majority deputy Marc Ferracci will table a bill to fight against discrimination in hiring in the private and public sector. Guest of “4 Vérités”, Wednesday June 28, he estimates:There are too many people in this country who are denied access to employment for the wrong reasons. […] It is a stroke of the penknife in the republican pact. Thus, the Renaissance group wishes “generalize” And “systematize“the practice of”testing“.

Develop testing

In fact, it is “to send similar CVs which do not distinguish only by a criterion, for example the place of residence“, explains the deputy. This process would make it possible to establish proof of discrimination.Once we have this proof, we can publish the results […] and that, companies are not favorable because it hurts their image“, says Marc Ferracci.

In addition, individuals who feel wronged can ask to test the employer in question.Once she has done this test and this test is conclusive, she can use this as proof“, completes the chosen one.

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