in Lyssytchansk, the Ukrainian army comes up against the mistrust of a pro-Russian population



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A.Vahramian, S.Yassine, P.Miette, P.Yurov, L.Busko – France 2

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In the Donbass, the forces pro-Russians are about to encircle the towns of Lysychansk and Sievierodonetskaccording to Russia. To Lysychanskthe Ukrainian army comes up against the mistrust of the inhabitants who have remained in the city, who wish the victory of the Russians.

In Ukraine, in the heart of Donbasstowards Lysychanskvolunteers in bulletproof vests ride in a red van. On the outskirts of the city, you can see white smoke from the artillery and a burning refinery. In the streets of the city, we see the roadblocks of dented cars and the impacts of the bombardments on the buildings. The volunteers park, and already a dozen inhabitants rush to evacuate.

15,000 inhabitants of Lysychansk would still be determined to stay in this town become a war zone. Civilians who interfere with the military. In a backyard, tensions are palpable between the pro-Russian inhabitants and the Ukrainian army that has come to dislodge them from their shelters. In the courtyard, the Ukrainian soldiers face mistrust and suspicion from these Russian-speaking and hostile inhabitants. To Lysychanskthe majority of the inhabitants who remained do not support the Ukrainian army. Here, we do not believe that the Russian army is firing on the city, and we want the Russians to be victorious.

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