In Israel, the population is increasingly opposed to American proposals to create a Palestinian state

The Israeli government publicly opposes the American post-war project. Among the population, the creation of a Palestinian state also arouses strong reluctance.


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An Israeli flag in Jerusalem, in front of the Western Wall.  (RAPHAEL GOTHEIL / HANS LUCAS via AFP)

The Israeli army continued its strikes in the Gaza Strip on Friday, January 19, with bombings concentrated in recent hours on the south of the Palestinian territory, particularly in Khan Younes. On the diplomatic level, disagreements are widening between Israel and the United States. The government of Benjamin Netanyahu considers less and less the creation of a Palestinian state, unlike its American ally. The United States, on the contrary, reiterated on Thursday its desire to adopt this solution, the only one for “obtain real security in the region”estimated the head of American diplomacy Anthony Blinken.

Franceinfo gave the floor to Israelis on Friday in Jerusalem to find out what they think of this American position.

“If they want to kill us, then we have to kill them”

Like every Friday prayer and before the start of the Shabbat, Muslims and Jews cross paths in the alleys which lead some to the Esplanade des Mosques, others to the Wailing Wall. Israel, a soldier who serves near the border with Lebanon, takes advantage of a leave while keeping his weapon propped up on the top of the stroller of his two small children. And he protests American demands for the creation of a Palestinian state. “The Palestinians who live here, if they want to kill us, then we have to kill themhe asserts. Those who want peace, they can stay in Israel, but they must not believe that they are going to have their own state, that we are going to give them land. This is the land of Israel. And there’s no way they’re going to take part of our country.”

These positions are even stronger after the Hamas attacks of October 7, adds Lidor. This woman, who ranks more on the left, no longer has any hope of reaching peace agreements. “It’s very sad but I don’t think there can be a Palestinian state. I don’t think we have anyone to talk about peace and living together. Hamas is leading the Palestinians to disaster. Everything “What they did on October 7 was inhumane. It’s very difficult to trust again.”

“But what is the solution?”

Today Israeli Arabs are paying the price, afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals. But they wish off-microphone to see the birth of a Palestinian state one day. “We have to find a solution for them”pleads Aruth, a Christian Armenian who is sorry for the hateful speeches of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “There are millions of Arabs here. What are you doing with these Arabs? It’s very difficult because it’s the only way to live, it’s impossible otherwise. Never say two states, OK . But what is the solution?” he asks.

Aruth goes out in front of his ceramics shop to show us again Jews and Muslims passing each other, without looking at each other or speaking to each other.

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