In Biarritz, the 32nd edition of the Latin America Festival celebrates Chilean culture in the presence of Costa Gavras

This year, if Chile is at the heart of the program of the Biarritz Latin America Festival with Costa Gavras as guest of honor, the best feature films, short films and documentaries made by all the countries of the South American continent will be rewarded until September 29.

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Actor Gael Garcia Bernal in that summer (Copyright Magali Bragard/Trésor Films)

Latin American cinema is alive and well. For 32 years, the Biarritz Latin America Festival has rewarded feature films, short films and documentaries made on the South American continent. If all countries are represented, from Argentina to Mexico, Chile is this year at the heart of its programming. The numerous demonstrations between 2019 and 2021 which brought the current president, Gabriel Boric marked on the left, to power echo the presidency of Salvador Aliende 50 years ago, quickly interrupted by the coup d’état of General Pinochet. ” Aliende’s policy was short but very very strong in measure, essentially a policy of land redistribution but unfortunately it was a policy that did not go to the end since he was overthrown three years after coming to power , it’s the end of utopias.” explains Serge Fohr, President of the Biarritz Latin America festival.

This festival is therefore an opportunity to discover films inspired by Chile like those of Costa Gavras who worked alongside Salvador Alliende before the coup d’état. Two of his productions, “State of Siege” and “Missing,” released in 1982, are screened. Winning a Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1982 and an Oscar for best screenplay in 1983, the film is directly inspired by the true story of the disappearance of an American journalist during the September 11 coup d’état. 1973 in Chile. Costa Gavras denounces the violence of the Chilean dictatorship.

The Biarritz Latin America Festival
France 3 Aquitaine: E.Clerc – F.Cordier

An honorary abrazo for a Latino actor

For the first time, an award will be given to a Latino actor. The Abrazo of Honor will be given to Gael Garcia Bernal to crown his entire career. The Mexican actor who in 2004 became the new darling of Hispanic cinema by appearing as Che Guevara in Carnet de Voyage, has since filmed with the greatest directors: Gonzales Iñárritu Almodovar, Gondry, Jarmush, Assayas and Lartiguau.

This handsome ambassador of Latin American culture also stood out in 2006 alongside Brad Pitt in Babel, a mosaic of crossed destinies. Since then, he has continued to film shoots in his country and abroad.He has an ability to blend into all the cinemas of the world and all the cinemas of the world to love him. He’s a guy who is also very involved in social life.” explains Jean-Christophe Berjon, general delegate of the Biarritz Latin America festival.

The Biarritz Latin America Festival takes place in several places such as the Gare du Midi performance hall, the Royal cinema and the Biarritz casino until September 29.

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