in a recording, an Samu operator says he received “the order not to send” help

“We will not send a helicopter or SMUR means on the spot because we have orders not to send them by the police”, explains an operator of the Samu to a doctor in a recording of the League of Human rights that franceinfo consulted.

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An opponent of basins, seriously injured on March 25, 2023. (MATHIEU HERDUIN / MAXPPP)

The Human Rights League accuses the police of having hindered the intervention of relief workers on Saturday in Sainte-Soline during a prohibited demonstration against the water reservoirs. In a recording, scripted and revealed by the log The worldTuesday, which franceinfo obtained on Wednesday March 29, we hear a telephone exchange between a doctor and an operator of the Samu. “We will not send a helicopter or SMUR means on the spot because we have orders not to send any by the police”assures the latter.

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The doctor then declared that the observers of the League of Human Rights, present on the spot, affirmed that the situation was “calme” and so “that it is possible to intervene”. “I agree with you, you are not the first to tell us, the problem is that it is at the discretion of the police”, continues the Samu operator. He then indicates to depend “of a command”. The order is given to “gather the victims at the level of the church of Sainte-Soline, what is being done with the firefighters who travel to the site to bring them back”reports the agent.

The telephone exchange between a doctor and an Samu operator mobilized on Sainte-Soline, revealed by the newspaper “Le Monde”.


In a right of reply, communicated Tuesday evening, the prefect of Deux-Sèvres, Emmanuelle Dubée, replies that he “It is up to the police, informed in real time of the situation, to define whether or not the arrival of an emergency vehicle at a certain point is possible in a safe way for him”. She adds that he is not “not surprising” that “if the security conditions were not met, the police could, for certain geolocations and in certain periods of time, indicate that an ambulance dispatch was not possible immediately”.

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