Immigration: “The Pope is right to call for this surge against indifference,” says Emmanuel Macron



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The branches of Franceinfo, France 2 and TF1 received Emmanuel Macron on Sunday September 24 for an exclusive interview after a busy week between the visit of Charles III, the Pope and the rugby world championships. The sovereign pontiff also raised questions about the tragedy of migrants. A subject to which the president returns.

During his visit to Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône)Pope Francis questioned European democracies, including France, on the drama of immigration. He warned against “thee fanaticism of indifference“. On this subject, Emmanuel Macron first insists “to congratulate the French” because few countries in the worldcan face concomitant challenges of this nature“, declared the head of state on the channels of Franceinfo, France 2 and TF1, Sunday September 24.The Pope is right to call for this start against indifference“, he continued. But he assures that regarding immigration, France is doing its part with an average of 100,000 asylum seekers in the country.

“Better and better paid” jobs

We must be human (…) but we must also be rigorous because we have a generous social model and we cannot accommodate all the misery in the world“, affirms the head of state. Also questioned on the question of purchasing power and incessant inflation, the president assures that the government will concentrate on the creation of jobs which will be “better and better paid“.Since the beginning of last year, our minimum wage in France has increased by 11%there are very few European countries where the minimum wage increaseddefends Emmanuel Macron.

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