immersed in the hell of Avdiïvka, where soldiers try to resist Russian assaults, despite the “lack of ammunition”



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War in Ukraine: the town of Avdiïvka still resists Russian bombs

War in Ukraine: the town of Avdiïvka still resists Russian bombs – (France 2)

In Ukraine, Avdiïvka is the target of the Russians, who attack without respite. Ukrainian soldiers are exhausted and lacking ammunition.

How much longer will Avdiïvka last? Ukrainian troops were urgently redeployed on Thursday February 15 to reinforce the garrison deployed in the epicenter of the fighting, in eastern Ukraine. The city threatens to fall after months of Russian assaults. kyiv does “everything possible” to save the troops in the locality, said President Volodymyr Zelensky. A France 2 team went to the site/

In Avdiïvka, many fights take place at night. In a house, fighting is almost hand-to-hand. Ukrainians are gambling with their land and their lives. “The Russians are advancing en masse, they are pushing our lines with many soldiers”explains a soldier.

“We are running out of ammunition”

Despite the deluge of fire, the Ukrainians refuse to mention the possibility of defeat. But the Ukrainian artillery struggles to respond. Every three days, soldiers leave the front line to rest a little behind. “We lack ammunition to repel them, but for now, we are still holding on”, says a Ukrainian soldier. After two years of fighting, the men are tired.

Hope is slim. “Unfortunately, according to information transmitted by the Ukrainians, the situation is critical, with continued Russian pressure on Ukrainian positions day after day. Avdiïvka risks falling under Russian control”warned White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby.

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