“I’m trying to seek mobilization,” says Marie Toussaint struggling with a sluggish campaign

The head of the Ecologists list, Marie Toussaint was a guest on “Demain l’Europe”, Friday April 5.


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Marie Toussaint was the guest of Demain l’Europe, Friday April 5, 2024. (FRANCE INFO / RADIO FRANCE)

Credited with around 7% of voting intentions for the European elections on June 9, the head of the Ecologist list Marie Toussaint is struggling. “I try to seek mobilization”, said the one who was a guest on “Demain l’Europe” Friday April 5 on franceinfo.

“I don’t want to tell you that I’m happy with the polls and that everything is going well, move along, Madam Marquise”, she declared. “I have to fight”she said, while being aware of the “difficulty” of environmentalists “to give the feeling that we represent everyone”. Two months before the election, the polls are hardly favorable, a far cry from Yannick Jadot’s score five years ago, who received 13.5% of the vote.

But “the campaign begins”assured Marie Toussaint. “Let me defend my proposals so that climate policy meets the challenges”, she continued. The candidate intends to insist on “the need to change model, particularly economic”.The economy and the mother of all battles”, underlined this daughter of an ATD Quart-monde activist, who launched her campaign in January on the question of the fight against “povertyphobia” by creating a “European social vet” to protect the poorest 10% of the population.

“Take as many MPs as possible to the European Parliament”

“Can we build an economy that repairs an economy that protects rather than one that destroys?”she asked herself. “Today, the Member States, the extreme right, the rights in all their nuances, including the friends of Emmanuel Macron, continue to undermine all legislation protecting nature,” she lashed out.

“When someone tells me: ‘Others than you embody ecology’, I ask the question”, she got annoyed. The shadow of the candidate of the Socialist Party and Place Publique in the European elections, Raphaël Glucksmann, weighs on Marie Toussaint’s campaign. Especially since former MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit had called on environmentalists to form a common list behind the socialist for the June 9 election. “Daniel Cohn-Bendit has always been on the side of power, yesterday he thought that Emmanuel Macron was the ultimate savior, today he thinks that it is Raphaël Glucksmann and social democracy, free to him”, she snapped.

“I hear Raphaël Glucksmann telling us: ‘We must save the Socialist Party because it is he who must build the future’, I concentrate on my objective, that is to say bringing the most of possible Green MPs in the European Parliament on June 9, 2024”, she assured. According to her, “European socialists vote fairly regularly on provisions such as the budgetary stability pact, which will hinder any investment in the ecological transition, and support the motorway projects that we are fighting against in Brussels, such as the A69 project.”

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