“I’m shocked”, “It’s crazy”, invited on the radio, Slimane expected everything except that

The one who is preparing to represent France on May 11 in Sweden for Eurovision was the guest of the NRJ music radio. During an interview posted on the station’s Instagram account, Slimane had the right to a nice surprise from the team.

The winner of The Voice in 2017 has been traveling across Europe in recent days before the big, fateful moment: the one where he will be on the Eurovision stage. And the moment is fast approaching.

Between the concerts of the program’s European tour and his personal Cupidon Tour across France, Slimane appeared on NRJ to talk about everything he is experiencing at the moment.

His first musical

And the least we can say is that he didn’t expect that. Slimane was asked to react to images from his very first scene. A sequence that particularly moved Esméralda’s dad.

With wide eyes, the singer speaks: “Where did you find that? I’m shocked! I want the video.” before giving more details on the images where we see him singing when he was a young teenager. “This is my first scene in my entire life! I must be 13/14 years old.”

“VS‘It’s incredible. It moves me a lot that you found him“comments Vitaa’s great friend.”I’m so happy… It’s the first time I’m on stage, it’s at the Chelles cultural center, we had been working on an urban musical for months and monthsremembers Slimane.

The sensations intact years later

If he admits not remembering everything, the interpreter of My love remember “of the feeling of being on stage, of knowing that there was my family there and watching me sing. And pride. I have a feeling, when I remember this scene, it’s pride.”

In less than a month, Slimane should see his sensations increased tenfold by hitting the biggest music scene in Europe with more than 100 million viewers.

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