“I’m resigning”, why is the singer Lizzo suddenly ending her career?

In the tumultuous arena of the music industry, sometimes the noise from the outside world becomes so deafening that even the most vibrant voices think about dying out. Lizzo is above all an icon of body positivity and vocal power. However, it seems that the public does not share the same opinion.

In a recent Instagram post, Lizzo announced to her fans that she was calling time on her career in the face of incessant criticism. The young woman today finds herself at a crossroads. Indeed, she is torn between the desire to continue singing her songs and the temptation to retreat into silence…

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Faced with hatred… When the music falls silent

Last week, shockwaves spread through newsfeeds when Lizzo shared a post on Instagram, revealing a very difficult situation for her. Behind the glitter of the stage, reality often turns out to be more cruel… Especially when the web is transformed into an arena where each individual feels invested with the right to judge and criticize.

Lizzo, whose discography is a celebration of self-acceptance and diversity, now finds herself facing a wave of online hate. For several weeks, his detractors have targeted everything from his music to his physique. “My identity is dissected by people who don’t know me,” she confides, tired of fighting against windmills. In this context, his declaration “I resign” resonates like a cry from the heart, a call for calm in the incessant noise.

It is ironic that Lizzo, who has made the fight against fatphobia and racism an integral part of her message, finds herself a victim of these scourges. The support of his fans, however, remains unwavering. In their messages, we find a reminder that his voice matters and that his music changes lives.

Lizzo’s announcement about her possible retirement from the music industry is more than a story about critic-weary fame. It’s a story about the destructive power of words and the importance of supporting our artists. In a world where the anonymity of the Internet allows us to dehumanize others… Let us remember that behind every song, every performance, there is a heart that beats, dreams that live.

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