“I’m kidding, oh!”, tensions between Michael Goldman and Pierre de Brauer at the “Star Academy”

It’s the day academicians dread. On Tuesday, the apprentice singers of the star Academy

are used to performing in a series of performances in front of teachers and the director during evaluations.

A singing and dancing test of the highest importance in that the candidates who did the worst end up on the bench of nominees to be submitted to the votes of viewers and risk their place.

This Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the students therefore had the choice between three songs for the singing evolutions: I fly by Michel Sardou,
To change from Gims or even Someone Like you. As for the dance test, everyone had to improvise a choreography to the title My love by Slimane. A performance during which Alex, last week’s immunizer, indicated that he wanted to use a wooden bench present in the room.

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“You need help ?”

“Of course Axel”, replied Michael Goldman when the young man asked him for permission to grab the piece of furniture in question. “You need help? You can ask Pierre, right Pierre? Go help Axel”added the director of the star Academy. ua little joke that didn’t make the theater teacher laugh.

When Pierre de Brauer stood up to help Axel, Jean-Jacques Goldman’s son finally blurted out: “No, I’m just kidding Pierre, oh”… But the improvisation specialist did not seem to be sensitive to this touch of humor on the part of the director…


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