“I’m going to knock his teeth out, this son of a…”, Simon Castaldi threatened by Thomas from “Koh-Lanta”, his darling Myriam forced to intervene to calm things down!

As the weeks go by, we get closer to the end of the show The Fifty. As a result, more and more candidates are eliminated, which becomes more and more difficult for the participants to accept. The proof, with Thomas, this Monday October 2, 2023. Indeed, the former candidate of Koh Lanta was eliminated alongside Kamel by their comrades.

In this Tuesday’s episode, available in preview on 6Play

we were able to see that these two eliminations provoked numerous reactions, in particular from Anaïs Camizuli, who wanted to obtain explanations from Vivian, responsible for Kamel’s departure. “I didn’t say it was your fault!”, declared the Marseillaise to her friend. However, she believes that Vivian did indeed play a role in the elimination of the former candidate from Loft Story.

Vivian justified her choice by explaining: “I can understand that Anaïs is affected by Kamel’s departure, but at some point he represented a great danger to all of us. Anaïs may not realize this at the moment, but I am convinced that she will thank me at some point.”

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The tone rises in “Les Cinquante” between Thomas and Simon Castaldi

On the other hand, the tone quickly rose on Thomas’s side. The former candidate of Koh Lanta didn’t appreciate being eliminated at this point in the show at all, especially since Simon Castaldi allegedly led a campaign against him. “Simon orchestrated a campaign against me… Either way, he didn’t want me on his team. By the second round, I was almost off the beam. He never looked at me. “It doesn’t matter, from the start, he’s had me in his sights.”he expressed his dissatisfaction to his friends on the program.

In an interview, Myriam’s companion was more virulent : “I’m sure Simon has been running a campaign against me. It really speaks to the person he is… Honestly, I’d rather leave than stay with people who talk behind my back. That’s not how I “I was educated. We didn’t all have the same education, but that doesn’t surprise me about him as a person.”

After this interview was broadcast, Thomas appeared very angry, expressing the wish to confront Benjamin Castaldi’s son: “You see, I want to knock his teeth out there. You see this son of a bitch.” “Hey, on the other hand, you will quickly speak better. Oh, don’t make a spectacle of yourself, I’m telling you straight up,” then said Myriam, his companion, in order to calm the situation. Finally, it was she who went to speak to Simon to try to obtain an explanation for her choice, but apparently, this did not convince her.


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