“I’m going to go further”, “It was horrible”, Kev Adams makes shocking revelations about his relationship with Iris Mittenaere

Not very forthcoming about his private life, particularly in love, Kev Adams has nevertheless experienced several love stories which have caused ink to flow in the press, like his relationship with the former Miss France and Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere .

Indeed, between 2017 and 2018, the two ex-lovebirds enjoyed a romance before suddenly separating. “Our story didn’t work because we were both very young and very busy”summed up the 32-year-old comedian at the time.

A love story with a beauty queen during which Kev Adams suffered numerous criticisms directed against him. Guest of the show Legendthis Thursday, February 15, 2024, the latter in fact confided to Guillaume Pley that he had suffered terrible thoughts about his physique when he was in a relationship with very beautiful women.

“You are ugly and she is beautiful”

“It’s almost a slightly strange image that I have because there have been two or three of my love stories that came out in the press. But for me, they were love stories, it There was nothing and besides, I’m going to go further, most of the time, when I looked at the comments, it was horrible. They were like: ‘but how does this guy, with his big face, manage to go out with these girls?recalled the former star of the Soda series.

“We only focus on the physical, there is no one who said ‘maybe the guy is nice, maybe he’s charming, maybe he’s cool and that’s better than dating a handsome guy with chocolate bars’. People, today, they tell you ‘well you’re ugly and she’s beautiful’it’s cash”he summarized reluctantly.


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