Il Divo: Lightning death of singer Carlos Marín, at age 53

Carlos Marín was admitted on December 10 at Manchester Royal Hospital and placed in an intensive care unit on Thursday, December 16, 2021. The Spanish baritone had been plunged into an artificial coma and was under strict surveillance. He reportedly suffered from a lack of oxygen but was in stable condition. No other details had been released on the reasons for his hospitalization. Many fans suspected Covid-19 and its variant Omicron, which forced the UK government to impose further restrictions.

Messages of condolence continue to flow to Carlos Marín’s Instagram page. It was last published on December 6. The artist had posted an animated photo of his group announcing their upcoming tour dubbed For Once In My Life, between January and March 2022.

Carlos, I’m coming to your page for someone to tell me that it’s a lie and that you haven’t left“, reacted Beatriz Luengo, ex-star of the series One, Back, Tres. “My friend, we will miss you so much. I still can’t believe itAnother close friend, singer Daniel Del Valle, adds. Thousands have expressed their sadness and sent their condolences to Carlos Marín’s family.

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