if he had to redo “The Voice”, he wouldn’t sing “Bella” but another much more amazing title!

And if we had to do it again ? Asked to the new jurors of “The Voice Kids”, the question of LCI is indeed interesting because the four artists selected this year -Patrick Fiori, Louane, Julien Doré and Kendgi Girac-, have each already, with their successful respective careers, the maturity and perspective necessary to make a real choice of the heart. But Kendji admits that he would certainly no longer choose “Bella” by Gims! The tube that revealed him to the cast of “The Voice”! And he explains it simply: “I remember that I had not sung at the right key. It was too low, and with the stress, it was so low my voice was shaking. So I didn’t give the best performance”, I remember today from the height of his 26 years. And if the casting took place now? The singer affirms that he would choose “a higher song and a little more (adapted) to my voice”, following the example of “SOS of a Terrien in distress”, of Daniel Balavoine. A choice all the more astonishing as it is very far from the Latino-gipsy tones and rhythms to which Kendji had accustomed us at his beginnings. A response that

did not leave Louane indifferent either: “Ah yeah!”, she reacted, visibly surprised. In response, the young woman let it be known that she would again choose “A happy man” by William Sheller to participate in the casting of “The Voice” because “What is special about this song is that ‘She’s followed me all my life. she declares. As for Patrick Fiori, he assures us that his choice would certainly have been on “Ne me quitte pas” by Jacques Brel…Julien Doré, for his part, who had passed the casting for “La Nouvelle Star” with his ukulele and the Tété’s song “A la Favor de l’Automne” still thinks a little more… After all, it’s still thanks to his very personal cover of “Moi, Lolita” initially performed by Alizée, that he made himself known from the general public until even winning the show. So, it’s decided, it would be the cover of “Moi Lolita” that the 40-year-old singer would choose if the casting of “The Voice” was to be done…“It was a lucky charm fifteen years ago, he explains to justify his answer. Even younger, I would have tried to bring (this song) to me as much as possible, towards perhaps a little different arrangements.” Waiting for the kickoff this Saturday evening of “The Voice Kids” which will surely reveal future jurors for the next seasons!

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