“I wouldn’t make it through the winter”, Booder moving in the face of Bernard Montiel on his state of health and the verdict of a strange doctor

He was the guest of Bernard Montiel, this Sunday February 25, 2024, on RFM. And Booder, now 45 years old, returned to the health problems he had when he was born. Born in Morocco, on August 13, 1978 in the small village of Bouârfa, the doctor, who was also a mechanic and veterinarian, did not give much of his skin, he quips this week. And yet, thanks to his father, he cheated death.

“I stayed at Necker hospital for six years

Very ill, at birth, Booder had very acute bronchiolitis and very severe asthma. The village doctor announces to his mother “that he will not survive the winter“. And it is his father who will intervene on his behalf, from France, where he works. He then brings his wife and child to Paris, and little baby Booder is taken care of at the French public hospital.

Today involved with the first lady of France Brigitte Macron, for the Yellow Pieces operation for the benefit of the Paris Hospitals Foundation, Booder says: “We must not forget where we come from. Me, I come from Necker hospital”. And to tell Bernard Montiel (who is also an intimate friend of the First Lady): “I am came to France to look after me when I was a baby. I stayed at Necker hospital for six years.

He has met clowns who [le] made people laugh

An experience which was made very bearable by the professionals and volunteers he met there. Booder remembers having met clowns who [le] made people laugh” him and his parents. Even more so when the results of medical examinations “weren’t great”, he said. And it is thanks to these nurses and doctors who “behaved beautifully” with him, that Booder healed, and chose a vocation for comedy. His career in humor, and his presence in classrooms or in hospitals with children, is his “tribute to all these people”. Moving.


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