“I will not leave this set”, Judith Godrèche affair, the poignant speech by Valérie Lemercier

A 49th Cesar ceremony which could well go down in history. And not just for the rewards. Indeed, this ceremony has already been marked even before it begins this Friday, February 23, 2024, when around 8 p.m., the CGT Spectacle protested in front of the Olympia as the demonstrators promised a few days earlier.

Indeed, last Wednesday the CGT Spectacle called for a rally under the slogan “The violence, the silences, that’s enough!” via a press release. “Judith Godrèche has the courage to tell us about a story of violence. About her story! The story of so many other women who, more and more, tell of the control that certain men exercise over them, the violence sexist and sexual violence that they experienced in a professional environment”notably indicated the union via a press release.

It is therefore no surprise that around a hundred activists and supporters of the CGT Spectacle protested in front of the Olympia this Friday eveningto denounce sexual violence in cinema”as relayed by our colleague Jean-François Guyot.

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Valérie Lermercier talks about Judith Godrèche at the Césars

But after this anger, it was Valérie Lemercier who also wanted to speak out about sexual violence in the cinema industry. “I will not leave this stage without praising those who are shaking up the habits and customs of a very old world where the bodies of some were implicitly at the disposal of the bodies of others”she declared in a poignant speech during the opening of the ceremony.

A courageous and moving first “rant”, before Judith Godrèche’s speech planned for the evening.


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