“I was with a crazy woman”, Teddy Riner destroys his ex-partner and denounces what she imposed on him sexually

In a relationship for many years with Luthna Plocus, Teddy Riner and the latter are the parents of a boy, Eden, who will celebrate her 10th birthday in a few weeks, and Ysis, born in September 2018. But before meeting the love of his life, Teddy Riner had a toxic love affairwhich he revealed in
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this Saturday February 24, 2024. In the middle of an interview “Hard pedal / Soft pedal” alongside Michèle Laroque and Patrick Timsit, the champion explained his relationship with sex before major competitions: “We don’t actually think about that. There are legends that say: Never before the competition. When I was young, I had to say no.”.

Freewheeling, in front of a hilarious audience, Teddy Riner revealed having started their sporting career as a couple “with a crazy woman”who made him do anything before big matches: “I was with a crazy woman at the time”. And to mime the tense exchanges they had when she asked him for sexual relations which he did not want to grant her: “She will recognize herself. I have the final tomorrow, no I can’t. I’m not moving. No, no.”The judoka didn’t want to say more, but this love story, which was quickly aborted, still sticks in his throat!

#MeTooGarçons starts, Aurélien Wiik pioneer

This revelation comes at a time where Aurélien Wiik lifted the veil on the sexual violence that men also suffer, and which are trivialized or even suppressed, on the grounds of being supposedly less imposing and important than those suffered by women. The actor called for a #MeTooBoys after revealing the sexual violence and attempted rape he faced when he was still a young teenager: “I was eleven years old. From the age of eleven to the age of fifteen, I was abused by my agent and other people around him.” he declared in an Instagram story. Nearby Parisian a few hours later, the actor, who we recently saw in All this I will give to you on France 2, pointed the finger at the directors who abused him, but did not wish to name them: “Blackmail against roles that I didn’t get, as a result. Trapped dinners, organized by old people, with several minors. Up to the age of 25, I was offered roles in exchange for favors. We tried to drug me, often.”

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