“I was in my room and I heard a big boom”, Nathalie Marquay, her macabre discovery at her home

A day that doesn’t start in the best possible way… Very active on Instagram where she has no less than 210,000 subscribers, Nathalie Marquay Pernaut shared a far from joyful video via her story this Thursday, February 15, 2024.

While she was at home, the former beauty queen rushed into her garden to film… a dead pigeon. Alerted by the sound of the bird probably crashing on her terrace, in agony, Tom and Lou’s mother grabbed her cell phone to record the moment, as sad as it was…

“It makes me so sad, I was in my room I heard a big boom… The poor little pigeon”,declared Nathalie Marquay Pernaut on the video in question. “It’s still very warm, there were two of them… Oh, it makes me so sad”she added in the same upset tone.

“A sign from you. His soul guides my steps”

An event which is certainly not the result of chance according to the main interested party… And for good reason, it’s no secret, the mother firmly believes in the signs sent from beyond. In his work, A sign from you. His soul guides my steps released last January, Nathalie Marquay Pernaut explains throughout the pages the relationship she maintains today with her late husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut despite his disappearance.

“We still live together, Jean-Pierre and I. From where I am, from where he is, from his invisible world, we continue to communicate. Jean-Pierre sends me signs. And his soul, every moment, watch over me. With death, beings pass away, but their souls remain. I can testify to this.”declared the author in particular about her touching and poetic book which restores faith in eternal love.


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