“I was in love with you”, Herbert Léonard asks Faustine Bollaert for explanations after her beautiful declaration

He rocked her childhood and she wanted to let him know. This Friday March 29, 2024, Faustine Bollaert

received François Valéry, Assia, Rudy member of the boy band Poetic Lover, as well asHerbert Leonard

. All these personalities were invited as part of the special week of It starts today : “80s, 90s, 2000s: their essential hits!”

When she questioned Herbert Leonard

, Faustine Bollaert couldn’t help but remember his adolescence and make a tender statement to the 79-year-old singer. I was a little in love with you,” she said frankly, but a little embarrassed.

Touched by this revelation, the interpreter of For pleasurewanted to know why Maxime Chattam’s partner didn’t like him “only a little”. “Because I was a little young”, the hilarious host then justified herself. In fact, she has a 34-year difference with the singer. After this revelation sequence, the broadcast of France 2 went into nostalgia mode.

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Herbert Léonard and François Valéry nostalgic for years gone by?

François Valéry was in fact questioned by Maxime Chattam’s companion who sought to find out what the 1970s and 1980s meant to the 69-year-old artist. “What makes me nostalgic is the youth that went with it and then we were in a very special configuration. There was a lot of friendship between singers for example. It wasn’t at all the war that we would like it to be. say it, eh Herbert?”then confided the singer, addressing his neighbor.

“That is to say that at the time, the 80s were enjoyable years for several reasons”continued the 69-year-old artist who gave examples to support his remarks: “first it was forbidden to ban as we said in 1968, then the fact that Mr. Mitterrand came to power freed all the airwaves!”

Herbert Leonardfor his part, after learning of Faustine Bollaert’s crush on him, returned to his slump between the 1960s and 1980s, before coming back in force and never leaving the stage of his life.

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