“I think Mr. Macron suffers from a worrying and dangerous schizophrenia,” says Jordan Bardella

The president of the National Rally strongly criticized Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, the day after the inauguration of the Agricultural Show.


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Jordan Bardella at the Agricultural Show, February 25, 2024. (MATHIEU PATTIER / MAXPPP)

“I think that Mr. Macron suffers from a worrying and dangerous schizophrenia,” declared the number one of the National Rally, traveling to the Agricultural Show, Sunday February 25.

“It’s him [Emmanuel Macron]which for seven years has supported the ‘From farm to fork’ strategy, which foresees a drop in agricultural yields of 15 to 20% and which puts our agriculture in competition with products from the ends of the world which do not respect any of the standards to which are subject to our French producers and farmers”, continued Jordan Bardella. Adding: “I think that he [M. Macron] sinks into a form of paranoia, conspiracy and extremism which appears extremely worrying to me in view of his functions.”

Concerning the excesses which disrupted the opening of the Agricultural Show on Saturday, the president of the far-right party denies any implications from RN members: “Our activists have prevented absolutely nothing and the farmers who have been speaking out for several weeks now are not activists of the National Rally, no offense to the head of state.”

And Jordan Bardella concluded by hammering “So I think he [Emmanuel Macron] suffers not only from a worrying schizophrenia but also from a very worrying form of conspiracy and paranoid drift when you are the President of the French Republic and have a nuclear weapon in your hands.

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