“I stopped…”, in “Hello”, Renaud Capuçon, famous companion of Laurence Ferrari, evokes a painful breakup

Every week, Bruce Toussaint

and his team welcome a variety of personalities on the set of Good morning !, the morning of TF1. This Monday, February 19, 2024, Renaud Capuçon, the husband of Laurence Ferrari, thus had the opportunity to speak with our colleagues. The opportunity for the famous 48-year-old French violinist and conductor to look back on his brilliant career. When you’re passionate about music, it takes time.”he first explained.

Although he admits that his job is a bit “time-consuming”, he seems particularly delighted to be able to travel the globe thanks to his art. “Last night, I played in Cannes, now I’m leaving at 1 p.m. for Seoul”he said under the admiring gaze of the columnists who did not fail to highlight “very tight schedule” of the artist in light.

“In Seoul (capital of South Korea, editor’s note) I’m going to play Mozart’s sonatas with a brilliant pianist”specified Renaud Capuçon before adding: “Then I’m going to Australia to play the Australian premiere of a concerto dedicated to me. These are just fun projects. If the violinist flourishes in his field, he still assures that travel takes a toll on him. For him, “leave home for 15 days…” is difficult.

“I wasn’t well”

exit these confidences, Renaud Capuçon also spoke about his family life alongside the famous journalist. According to the artist, Laurence Ferrari forced him to take breaks. Especially during the holidays. “Before covid I stopped for three weeks, it was an idea that was launched by my wife because one day we were going on vacation, I had my violin and she said to me: ‘But why are you taking your instrument? We’re going on vacation.’ And it’s the first time in my life that I felt the need to leave himto please him.”

Very quickly, the father of the family felt “the lack effect”. “In the car when leaving I wasn’t well and then I discovered a sort of detox and what is extraordinary is the moment when we get back to the instrument. I advise all my students to do this.” Vacations are made for relaxing!


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