I have no more news from Marie-Ange Nardi”, Georges Beller who presented “Jeux sans frontières” alongside him expresses his great regret!

“Surprise surprise”, “The bride and groom of the A2”, “I’m on TV” or even “The Golden Ark” between the 80s and 90s, the animator and actor Georges Beller distinguished himself in many television shows during his career, including games. Programs that the latter has often co-hosted with the presenter Marie-Ange Nardi.

In “Jeux sans frontières” (JSF) and in “Trivial Pursuit” broadcast on Antenne 2 (the ancestor of France 2), the two hosts indeed shared a television set. Interviews, magazine covers… If the two colleagues were very close at the time, today their beautiful friendship is a thing of the past.

“I have no more news”

Invited to the set of “Chez Jordan” on January 24, 2023, Georges Beller indeed confided to Jordan De Luxe that he no longer spoke to the TV host. “I have no more news from Marie-Ange Nardi” did he declare. And to clarify that no tension was at the origin of this distance, but only the passage of time. “It’s a shame, I adore her, she’s a wonderful girl. She had been replaced by Daniela Lumbroso and I never saw her again afterwards…”he concluded by referring to the program “Jeux sans frontières”, which Marie-Ange Nardi in 1990 after two years of co-hosting alongside Fabrice then Georges Beller.

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