“I don’t like her, she doesn’t know how to stay in her place”, a viewer atomizes Faustine Bollaert: the host responds

We would like to have her as a good friend; she who every day on France 2 listens attentively to the (often moving) testimonies of her guests in the show It begins today. Very attentive, smiling,
Faustine Bollaert is unfortunately not spared by those who do not appreciate her
and do not hesitate to come and tell him his four truths on social networks. While the 45-year-old young woman is very active on Instagram in particularshe did not hesitate to share in a story this Tuesday, April 2, the comment from Yvette, a disgruntled viewer who had sent her these few words: “I don’t like this host. Sometimes the questions are not appropriate. I don’t look anymore, she doesn’t know how to stay in her place“. A message which has the merit of being clear but which did not shake the young mother of Abbie and Peter, quite the contrary…

Reposting Yvette’s message, Faustine Bollaert responded with humor: “Have a nice day Yvette! Do not hesitate to write to me” responded straight away the companion of the writer Maxime Chattam adding a few smileys to her well-felt response. It must be said that France 2 does not really have to worry about its flagship host since It starts today sets new audience records, well over the million viewer mark for its early afternoon show.

Learn to deal with criticism

However, if Faustine Bollaert is amused today by the messages received which sometimes border on harassment, she prefers to focus on humor to concentrate on her show whose testimonies sometimes affect her a lot as she recently explained to our colleagues at Femme Actuelle.”At first, I really took all the testimonies in the face, I was really very… haunted. I couldn’t cut the link. Afterwards, I wanted to put on a shell, and there I became, not with my guests, but a little harder, a little cynical” she said. On the other hand, with Yvette, Faustine Bollaert seems ready to break the armor. There is no more…

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