“I died, I was destroyed”, the new terrible confessions of Muriel Robin on cinema and her homosexuality!

A statement that generated a huge buzz. On September 17, 2023, Muriel Robin spoke candidly on the set of What an era on France 2. Indeed, the actress took stock of her career in cinema… which according to her was hampered because of her homosexuality. “I am the only actress in the world to say she is homosexual” she first noticed in front of Léa Salamé. She, surprised, faced a new declaration from her guest: “Jodie Foster kept silent for 30 years, Kristen Stewart was first with Robert Pattinson, so her homosexuality is a bit rock. cinema is worthless. When we are homosexual, we are not desirable.”

After being criticized by some and adored by others, Muriel Robin returned to this intervention during her visit
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this Thursday, September 28. “Muriel Robin you said ‘if we are homosexual we are not desirable, we are not penetrable. And when we are not penetrable in the cinema, we are worthless'”first recalled Mouloud Achour’s journalist before revealing: “And Libération took you at your word. They went to investigate and released a paper with the headline ‘for lesbian actresses, doing this job despite lesbophobia requires great mental strength’. And the journalist tried to contact agents of the artists. But he found a suitable clause”.

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Muriel Robin and her new terrible observation

“You might as well throw a career away… It would stop dead in its tracks”, then lamented the 68-year-old actress. Subsequently, the journalist wanted to find out “why is it so difficult to admit that you are a lesbian in the cinema specifically?”. A question to which Muriel Robin doesn’t have the answer. But all “revolves around desire” according to her. However, she specifies that it is not necessary “not use the word homophobia”.

Despite everything, she notes that over the last 30 years in France, at least “50 comedies were filmed each year”which would represent “1500 projects” at the moment according to his statements. “I am in two and two times chosen by Christian Clavier”she noted with sadness before deploring: “For 30 years I was not desirable”.

“Did it weigh on you?”Mouloud Achour then asked him before his guest made a terrible confession: “I thought I died. I died, we saw that. I was destroyed. I was like that because I had given up. Now it’s no longer a subject. It killed me, it’s “you” that we don’t want. Every day is a little death because you say to yourself “tomorrow, tomorrow”, but it never happens”.


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