“I didn’t believe it anymore”, Corinne Touzet burst into tears in “C à vous” while announcing big news

On February 11, 2015, the man who played the commissioner for a long time Navarro on TF1 went away. Indeed, Roger Hanin died at the age of 89 following respiratory distress, as reported in particular by TV5 World at the time. Almost ten years later, no one has forgotten the immense actor that he was. And certainly not Corinne Touzet

, who has always been close to Roger Hanin and to whom she owes so much. She also recalled this Monday, January 29, 2024, during her visit to C to you.

Guest of the daily France 5 in the company of Anny Duperey and Pascal Légitimus, to discuss the new piece Our Dear Neighbors in which they respond to each other at the Théâtre de Paris, Corinne Touzet was entitled to a moving tape broadcast by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “It was on stage Corinne that you learned the profession of actress. The theater, where you made your big comeback in 1994 in Célimène, in the Misanthrope, alongside Roger Hanin”presented the host before broadcasting an extract in which we were able to discover the actress and the artist who died in 2015 playing the scene of Misanthrope.

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Corinne Touzet moved in “C à Vous”, she makes a funny revelation

A moving moment for Corinne Touzet

who took advantage of this moment to make some revelations. “JI’ll tell you the truth, I had just given birth. Baby was behind the scenes. I was breastfeeding him during the show. I actually didn’t expect to play again so quickly.”first indicated Corinne Touzet before praising Roger Hanin: Roger is a bit like my godfather, for many things. He was someone I loved very much and who helped me a lot in difficult times. That was immense happiness… sorry (she bursts into tears)”.

But above all, this play allowed him to find hope again. In fact, it made “almost twenty years” that the 64-year-old artist was doing television. “I actually didn’t believe it anymore. Because, when you tour a lot, after a while, you are forgotten in the theater and vice versa on television. So, a role like that cannot be refused “she confided to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine before concluding: “Célimène is one of the most beautiful roles in the repertoire. And for me it was a return to the stage after many years of absence”. A play that Corinne Touzet will not soon be forgotten.


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