“I can’t laugh anymore”, all the columnists leave the set, Valérie Benaïm’s speech is disturbing

On Sunday March 17, 2024, Piotr Tolstoy, the senior Russian official close to Vladimir Putin, wanted to alert France after the possible sending of French troops to Ukraine announced by the French Head of State, Emmanuel Macron.

“It will end with the coffins at Orly and it will not be Macron who will welcome them there at the airport”he declared in particular when he came to the set of BFMTV. A statement which caused a strong reaction and, above all, deep concern.

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Gilles Verdez worried after the statements of Vladimir Putin’s relative

Particularly on the side of TPMP. Indeed, Cyril Hanouna has
open the debate

this Tuesday March 19, 2024 on the declarations of Vladimir Putin’s close friend and asked for the opinion of his columnists. To find out if some of them were worried after this alert.

Gilles Verdez assures him, these statements are very worrying. “I find that President Macron’s bellicose language scares me. Because we risk a third world war”he said before continuing: “Russia is dangerous! Paris has often been a place of conference for peace. I think that we should be the first peacemakers rather than risk sending our children to die in Ukraine”.

Valérie Benaïm disagrees, the columnists leave the set

An opinion far from being shared by Valérie Benaïm. But the columnist visibly annoyed the host of TPMP and his colleagues. “Let the woks speak, when the host speaks, we shut up”launched Cyril Hanouna to Valérie Benaïm before defending Gilles Verdez: “Gilles, leave them, they’re getting ready to eat their quinoa salad. You’re at the end of your life, and you have two woks coming to break your head. I’m leaving, because when Benaïm talks about That, she’s unbearable, I can’t tolerate her anymore.”.

To support his annoyance, the host then asked the columnists who did not “bear with Benaim no longer”, to follow him and “to go out” with him. In fact, the columnist found herself alone, with Géraldine Maillet, making the set hilarious.


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