“I am sorry for the misunderstanding aroused by my words”, writes the deputy RN to his colleague Insoumis

Deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas caused an uproar on Thursday at the National Assembly by shouting “that he (they) return (s) to Africa” ​​during a question to the government on migrants from LFI deputy Carlos Martens Bilongo.

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“I am sorry for the incomprehension that my words have caused”writes Thursday, November 3 the deputy of the National Rally Grégoire de Fournas to his colleague La France insoumise Carlos Martens Bilongo, after the controversy caused by his racist remarks within the National Assembly.

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“Let them return to Africa”, launched Grégoire de Fournas while Carlos Martens Bilongo challenged the government on the policy of aid to migrants. The session of questions to the government was then suspended.

The elected RN points to “unfounded reactions”. “We know that we have a frontal opposition on the subjects of immigration, writes Gregory of Fournas. “When I said ‘they are going back to Africa’, I obviously meant the boat and the migrants you were talking aboutjustifies the deputy of the Gironde. I would never have uttered or tolerated any racist statement or insult towards you.”

Gregory of Fournas “deplores the political manipulation that may have been made of it”. “I’m sorry if you were hurt by it”adds MP RN.

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