“I am separating…”, in a long message posted on social networks, the former star of reality TV, Caroline Receveur announces “the end of a chapter”!

The general public discovered her in 2008 and her passage more than noticed, although brief, in the emission Secretstory 2. Since then, the dynamic young woman has chained projects and professions. A time as host with Matthieu Delormeau on The Magazine from NRJ12, she also became a blogger in 2014, with the desire to share her advice on fashion and her expert eye on beauty, travel, well-being or sport… but also a business manager for the RECC Paris, Wandertea and OSEE brands, in addition to her modeling activities for prestigious brands such as Armani, Bulgari, L’Oréal, etc. And this Saturday April 8, 2023, Caroline Receveur delivered herself once again without a filter to her subscribers. The young woman says she wants to talk about “of its changes that are taking place and will take place in the weeks to come”. A desire “to turn a page and write a new chapter in (his) life”. The 35-year-old beauty, who recently became a mother, has decided to take a step back from her hectic lifestyle. And to lay down, black on white, all his words, all his ills.

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“In my head it’s amplified times a thousand”

In October 2021, the secrets of Caroline Receveur on her Instagram account were already not very happy. She had returned to her anxieties which sometimes paralyzed her: “The process of healing from past wounds and trauma is so long, and I feel so helpless to find myself in this state, for the same reasons, after so much therapy and coaching. I hold on, but the end of the tunnel seems so far sometimes“, she confessed. A situation caused by the fact that her little Marlon was not at his best following a vaccine reminder. “Once the vaccine is done, I am waiting for what will happen. And when there are little symptoms, in my head it’s amplified a thousand times. And all my anxieties come to the surface. He has nothing, but my anxieties start from there“, she said. These crises were linked to a trauma, in particular the death of her dad which occurred 6 years earlier.
Today, Hugo Philip’s wife wants more than anything to escape the dark thoughts that invade her daily and undertake a real work of resilience, to the great satisfaction of her community: “Bravo for this resilience, this listening to oneself. I wish you the best for the future.” ; “Wow words that touched me on a very personal level (I even cried about it). Thank you for your sincerity and for your personal life story. I wish you the best for this new stage of life – it is going to be magnificent without a doubt. Looking forward to continuing to follow you in this new chapter. Full of happiness and serenity to you” can we read in particular in the comments accompanying his message so touching.

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