Hugo pop! | When 5th Rank returns to its lands

Aaah, Valmont. A bucolic farming town and fertile ground for serial killers, human organ traffickers and illegal immigrant smugglers.

After five and a half seasons, 131 episodes and a corpse cast in cement, Radio-Canada’s agrocriminal soap opera finally returns to the garage, Monday evening, in a classic and effective finale, which plows all available surfaces.

It’s 5e Rank pure juice which will flow on your screens, or immediately on the Extra, with a burst of bullets at the motel, a magic wig, an attack with a fire extinguisher, the arrest of a mole at the SQ, a wild car chase and a tragic Thelma and Louise type death.

But before saying a final goodbye to the five Goulet sisters, who have all come close to death since January 2019, here is the state of affairs in Valmont, a country town torn between organic vegetables and the COFO real estate empire.

So, visual “artist” Marie-Paule (Ève Duranceau) returned from New York with a Greenwich Village beatnik look, from the Joan Baez and Bob Dylan era. She rented an industrial loft at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge to experience the creative excitement of SoHo. Good luck with the traffic in Ville-Marie.

His sister Marie-Christine, the one who hallucinated yellow Converse in the barn for a long time, is engaged to the restaurateur Pascal Faubert (Antoine Durand) who, for his part, does not remember a thing of putting the ring on her finger.

Because the friend Faubert ate, not Fou de Food, but the steal of his life, courtesy of Stefano Di Marco (Johnny Sa), who was then poisoned in his cell while he was preparing to deliver his boss Salvatore Conti (Tony Calabretta) at the SQ.

Are you still following? Great. Now, mafia praying mantis Tina Fournier (Brigitte Poupart), exiled in Italy, has returned to Valmont with the intention of avenging the attack on her childhood friend Pascal Faubert (it’s done) and the death of her brother Lucas (Louis-David Morasse), who was killed by farm worker Sandro (Christian de la Cortina), who then almost lost a kidney at the hands of the underworld.

The two talkative hairdressers of the village, Guylaine (Catherine Paquin-Béchard) and Nancy (Marie-Ève ​​Pelletier), will open a luxury spa in Valmont with the money of the mechanic Jean-Michel (Frédéric Millaire-Zouvi) and the unexpected one, of Corinne (Sonia Vachon), a former nurse who practiced for 20 years in Senegal. Californian massage or oil change? Anything can happen, Marie-Louise Arsenault would say while a house orchestra plays in the background.


The authors of 5e RankPierre Poirier and Sylvie Lussier

Speaking of dubious business, old clumsy Francine (Muriel Dutil) has bought a) turquoise eye shadow and b) a farm in Costa Rica, not on the fictional island of St. James, where her grandson will work. son Thomas (Justin Leyrolle-Bouchard), Nathalie (Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu) and veterinarian Jean-René Bazin (Martin Héroux), a character who survived the (fire) 4 and a half.

As for Consigliere Conti, he was shot dead in front of poor Mireille’s (Geneviève Brouillette) Carré Vert door, a fatal shooting incident.

Constantly on the run, Marie-Jeanne (Catherine Renaud) kidnapped her own baby and fled to the fishing camp of Charles (François Papineau), from whom his partner Marie-Luce (Maude Guérin) rented a satellite phone, which proved very practical for communicating the good news of the end of Marie-Jeanne’s run, who, yes, had already grown marijuana, LOL.

Then, police officer Fred (Maxime Gaudette) and his loyal colleague Gladys (Julie Roussel) finally gave in to their repressed impulses by kissing passionately after all these years of sharing – platonically – smoothies and cookies.

The action of the finale 5e Rank start again there, in the marital bed of Fred and Gladys, hoo! Pay close attention: a character from the series will leaf through the fictional novel Marie-Maraîchèrewhich has long been the working title of 5e Rank. Nice wink for the fans.

This final episode leaves no plot unanswered. You will know what happens to the friendly nono Jean-Michel, his ex Kim (Julie Renault), Réginald (Maxime de Cotret), Mayor Sam (Roger La Rue) and detective sergeant Sophie (Julie du Page). ), whose intuitions rarely deceive her.


Ex-soldier Réginald Lacombe, played by Maxime de Cotret

Over the seasons, of course 5e Rank has sunk into exaggeration: the small municipality of Valmont has been hit by every disaster imaginable, except perhaps the bubonic plague and a tsunami. But it’s a soap opera, which can’t afford to be flat.

And the faithful (more than a million) of the authors Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier have never deserted the fields of the Goulet farm. In these times of extreme television flutter, this affection and dedication are even rarer and more precious than Tina Fournier’s jewelry.

I levitate

With the album Visions by Norah Jones

Well yes, Norah Jones, the queen of baby boomer dinner soundtracks since 2002. After the excellent album Come Away With Meanother classic, and the very good Feels Like Home, Norah Jones has put on the flat and boring albums, until this one, which brings us back the Norah we love, mischievous, flirtatious, smiling and comforting. The room Staring at the Wall is wonderful.

I avoid it

The word lightness

Where does it come from? Why do we still hear it on TV? We say light, like a light thing, not light, let’s see. In Big Brother Celebrities, content creator Gabrielle Marion gave us a solid one by explaining why she hummed during challenges. “It’s a mechanism to make the ordeal lighter,” she said in all seriousness. Send. THE. Rescue.

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