how to fight against the effects of jet lag?

Without gravity for the body, thecircadian arrhythmia (Or jet lag in English) is still very stressful and restrictive. Effectively, the jet lag can ruin a few days off or make it harder to get back to normal life, whether you’re used to long-haul flights or not.

Before leaving or returning from a distant destination, organize yourself in such a way as to reduce or shorten the effects of “jet-lag” thanks to our 5 tips !

Did you know ? For six hours of jet lag, it takes an average of two days to reset a sleep-wake cycle (Source: Notre Temps)

Change your bedtime, wake up and meal times before you leave

Two or three days before your departure, be sure to gradually change your bedtimes, wake-up times and mealtimes, to match local schedules. Each day, shift your hours by one hour a day: one hour less if you go east, one hour more if you go west.

Use an app

Developed in partnership with the CHU and the Center du Sommeil de Brest (France), Gowizis an application that allows you to minimize the effects of jet lag and reduce its duration. Launched in 2021, it offers personalized programs, depending on your sleep habits and your country of destination.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle during and after your stay

Your body is highly stressed and disturbed by these changes. So be sure to take care of your body, by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and getting enough sleep. If you can, also exercise outside to take full advantage of the benefits of natural light and avoid stimulants as much as possible.

Take a few days to recover

If you have the possibility, take a flight which allows you to arrive a few days before the resumption of work or an important event, so that your body can readjust gently without being affected by jet lag.

Do not hesitate to take small naps (10-20 mins) to rest, without however upsetting the adaptation to the new rhythm.

Consult your doctor

To effectively reduce the effects of jet lag, your doctor will prescribe melatonin-based treatments or hypnotics, acting on the desynchronization of sleep periods.

If you do not wish to take tablets, solutions exist on the side of homeopathy and naturopathy. Ask your pharmacist to find out about the different treatments.

Good to know : a stay of less than 4 days does not require you to change your habits.


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