how are evangelical churches financed in France?



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S.Soubane, M.Martel, D.Da Meda. S. Thiebaut, A. Cohen, H. Dugue – France 2

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The religious current of evangelicals, very important in the United States, continues to grow in France. The movement embarked on the construction of more and more immense churches. The 20 hours of France 2 carried out its investigation to understand the financing of these places.

An evangelical celebration that looks like a show, praise taken up with fervor by believers, in a 1,300-seat hall, a Sunday mass at the MLK Church. It is one of six mega church of France. VShe giant evangelical churches, bornes in the United States, bring together more than 2,000 worshipers every Sunday. The crowd is youher that five offices were held. Space Martin luther king a cost 18 million euros, financed by the State, the faithful and bank loans. THE building became a congress hall. A mix between faith and business that does not disturbs not the parishioners. “The Church is not the building, but the brothers and sisters who come”, explains a faithful.

10 times more evangelicals in 70 years

20 km away, another mega churchwith larger dimensions, exist. It is that of theEICC church. Ithere is no community fundingbut much of the construction financed by the parishioners. The authorities say they are vigilant to understand why the faithful give so much. For this specialist, the main pitfall is the starization of the pastor. “There is the importance of looking on a case-by-case basis, to know how the authority is regulatedeach Church is specific”develops Sébastien Fath, a specialist in Protestantism. France has between 750 000 and 1 million evangelical Protestants is 10 times more than in 1950.

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