his wife filed a new handrail

The wife of Adrien Quatennens filed a new handrail on Saturday September 24 in Lille, learned this Saturday October 1 from franceinfo from a source familiar with the matter. Céline Quatennens denounces this time having received many text messages from her husband. She had filed a first handrail after which the Lille prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for “domestic violence”.

On September 24, Céline Quatennens therefore presented herself again at the Lille police station to report that, since the initial events, her husband had been sending her text messages in very large numbers. This is the second handrail she has filed in this case.

This new report “limits itself to evoking SMS sent by my client in the context of their separation and which it has been confirmed that they do not contain any message of a malicious or threatening nature”, explains Adrien Quatennens’ lawyer, Jade Dousselin, to franceinfo. According to the entourage of the deputy to franceinfo, the elected representative of the North stopped sending text messages as soon as his wife asked him.

In addition, Adrien Quatennens was heard last Monday in free hearing at the Lille police station, as part of the investigation for domestic violence targeting him, learned this Saturday, franceinfo, from a source familiar with the matter. “As he had strongly wished, my client was able to speak in the context of the ongoing preliminary investigation in order to restore a certain number of truths”confirms to franceinfo, his lawyer Jade Dousselin.

Adrien Quatennens is the subject of an investigation for domestic violence opened by the Lille prosecutor’s office following the first handrail of his partner. It was revealed by The chained Duck September 13th. Céline and Adrien Quatennens then claimed in a joint press release “the respect” of their “private life”. They also explained that the handrail had been removed after a “dispute” having taken place at the end of the summer of 2021, during which Céline Quatennens had announced her desire to divorce.

The northern deputy admitted to having slapped his wife in a press release published on September 18 on Twitter. He also admitted to having “grab the wrist”, took his mobile phone” or even having “sent too many messages”, while claiming not to be “a violent man”. Regarding the slap, he said: “I gave it away when it didn’t look like me and it never happened again. I deeply regretted the gesture and then apologized very much for it.”

In this same text, he also announced his withdrawal from his duties as coordinator of La France insoumise “to protect the movement”. He subsequently received the support of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Manuel Bompard.

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