his wife comes out of silence and worries about their son and his schooling

Officialized at the casting of
Dance with the stars
the videographer Nico Capone faces a wave of hatred on social networks. Exposed to violent grossophobic insults, the 33-year-old father recently spoke out to implore malicious Internet users to stop their attacks. This goes too far, the friends ! Please, I have a family, be lenient and respectful, at least for them”, he said.

For its part, the first channel made the decision to act by sharing a “IMPORTANT REMINDER” on the Web. “Dancing With the Stars is an entertainment show. We do not tolerate any hateful or discriminatory messages towards the participants. DALS is a show that we all love to comment on, it is important to do so with kindness and respect. THANK YOU”, notably wrote the production.

“I love him just the way he is.”

Faced with the numerous hostile comments, the candidate’s companion, Daniela Scuderi, also wanted to speak out. This Thursday, February 15, 2024, she defended her husband on her Instagram account: “Know that I am reading your messages. My heart hurts… the show hasn’t even started and Nicola is already receiving very, very negative comments since her announcement on Dancing with the Stars. I am disappointed, sad for my darling, but also incomprehension. Neither I nor my family were ready for this hatred.”

At her worst, she hopes that her son will not have to endure harassment at school. “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to protect him everywhere. I’m convinced that it’s a difficult stage, especially for Nico. He doesn’t deserve this. Honestly, I’m alone and he’s the only one right now. I can’t be by his side, but I think about him a lot. I love him as he isshe added before concluding: “And to think that our only content for four years has been entertainment, comedy, laughs… Really, I don’t understand. Never a clash, never bad buzz, never insults. Just… Why?” Hoping that this helps to calm some minds a few hours before the first prime.


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