His TRULY scathing response to Anthony Delon, “a ‘Son Of'” … The war has only just begun!

Doesn’t Anthony Delon know who he’s dealing with? Because Nabilla is not the type to let it go. Especially since at this moment, the young woman is on the block starkings. For the past few weeks, she has been unleashing passions, especially about her monthly salary and her projects. So, the newspaper Liberation decided to make a nice portrait of the businesswoman. An idea that did not really please Anthony Delon.

Powered by reality TV, Milann’s mother was able to bounce back and take advantage of her notoriety to climb the ladder. An exemplary career, a perfect family life and a dream daily life, which Nabilla wished to highlight in a documentary series available on Amazon Prime Video: “Nabilla without filter”. At the start of the week, the magazine Liberation honored Thomas’ sweetheart in an unpublished portrait. A new project published on their Instagram account “The Libé portrait of the day is devoted to @nabilla: the ex-reality star has become a rich influencer, while keeping her sense of the response that slams” who challenged Anthony Delon. The latter did not hesitate to make fun of the young woman in his story by sharing the photo, accompanied by a not very nice caption… “Is it a valve?” on Twitter, and “Who hacked Libé?” on Instagram.

A little joke that the main interested party didn’t really like. But Nabilla knows how to be polite, and decided to respond in a very professional way on her Twitter account: “Dear Son Delon, you don’t have to be a ‘Son Of’ for Libé to give you the floor. “ That is what is said! Answer ?

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