his team cries scandal, this part of the final which deeply shocked his clan

The performance offered by Pierre Garnier on his hit What we were Did it allow him to achieve victory? This is what Julien Lieb’s fans think, who remain bitter almost twenty-four hours after the young man’s defeat. Indeed, in full prime, while Pierre thought he was singing one of the latter’s hits with Dadju, Gims’ brother surprised him by singing his own song. Taken aback, Pierre sang What we were in front of 4.3 million viewers, and was surprised to discover that everyone already knew it by heart. Indeed, locked up in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys for three months, Pierre could not suspect the success that his song had caused for several weeks, even going so far as to be covered by the singer Eloïzon TikTok.

But this little surprise that Dadju gave Pierre is far from being well received by Julien’s fans, who denounce an imbalance between the two finalists. According to them, this imbalance allowed Pierre to make the difference and glean the few points that separate him from Julien. And for good reason: the final was quite close, and Pierre won season 11 with 55.5% of the votes against 44.5% for Julien. Were the scores closer before Pierre’s performance? Nobody can say for sure, but Julien’s fans remain furious…

“Not very fair for the second finalist”

“To those who cry injustice, not his fault if Julien does not compose… But in itself, this proves that in fact Pierre does not need to win the Star Ac, ultimately the victory will serve more to Julien… Pierre, he is already an artist (not to say a star” an Internet user wanted to weigh in on the wave of indignation that spread in a few minutes: Magnificent but it’s sad for Julien who sees his final go“, “Not very fair for the second finalist”, “It’s not cool for Julien”, “Let’s be honest, it wasn’t to be done before the result but even without that, Julien could not have won”… So, did this performance really mark a turning point in the competition, or had Pierre already won no matter what? Difficult to know… But as Pierre told TF1: “We all won!”

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