his “intimate” nuptials with Azucena Camano!

Florent Pagny has chosen to publicize his fight against cancer. On several occasions, the singer thus evoked his state of health, his treatments, his chemotherapy and the life with his family since he is sick. This Tuesday, June 6, 2023, the 61-year-old artist will thus be at the heart of an unpublished documentary which traces his fight against the disease, he who has just published an autobiographical book entitled Pagny by Florent.

In this book, Florent Pagny confides in his personal life and in particular on Azucena, the woman who has shared his life for more than 30 years and who is none other than the mother of his two children Inca (34 years old) and Ael (27 years old). ). He reveals in particular that it was during an interview that he gave as part of the release of his single Where I’ll Take You in 2006, that he announced his intention to ask for the hand of his darling. “An original way to ask for your fiancée in marriage!” he remembers.

Their wedding will take place shortly after this request, a marriage which he describes as an “intimate and ultra-joyful nuptials”. And to be intimate, it is indeed the case since there were only seven guests present at the town hall. The presence of possible paparazzi had then been avoided thanks to the precaution of the mayor of the city, a chance for the famous singer. We also learn that Kad Mérad who was his witness, had the task of taking the beautiful Azucena to the town hall in a pretty vintage car. For the occasion, the young Argentinian woman had bet on an original turquoise dress.

This intimate wedding then continued at home, with a few friends for a “simple and cheerful wedding lunch”. A “big party” was then organized wedding at the castle of Groussay (in the Yvelines) with this time, a larger number of guests. “An un-Catholic celebration, but very funny. So we marry in joy. The party is beautiful. All of our close friends and family are there. What more ?” comments Florent Pagny.


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