his colleague at work pretended to be a man!

Pleasing a friend is not always easy. And that can sometimes be misinterpreted or clumsy. viewers ofM6 will also have proof of this, this Monday, March 27, in a new issue of “What if we met”. The dating program, broadcast just after “Married at First Sight”. On Twitter, the show unveiled a teaser of a meeting between two work colleagues. One of which pretended to be “Miguel”the crush of her colleague whom she has never been able to meet.

“You’re going to wonder what I’m doing here. Let me explain and then we’ll talk about it”, explains Maeva to her colleague as soon as she arrives. What to disturb his friend: “I don’t understand. I don’t see Miguel, it’s Maeva… My work colleague! I don’t understand what is happening to me there”. “I don’t understand where is Miguel?”, then asks the young woman who asks herself a lot of questions. Maeva then explains to her counterpart that she saw the latter “sad in love at work and disappointed by men”. Aware that her friend was wrong “GOOD”she tried to cheer him up, in an awkward way.

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A friend tries to cheer up her colleague, but completely fails

“Miguel he was there for that. Miguel was kind, attentive, there for you quite simply. But besides that, he was not available. He couldn’t answer you by voice, he couldn’t call you… And in fact it’s because… Miguel doesn’t exist”then reveals Maeva in front of her colleague dumbfounded because she learns: “What do you mean, it doesn’t exist, I don’t understand? Do you have other things to tell me, to introduce me to? Because what else are you going to tell me?”. But if Miguel is not present, it is simply because Maeva hides behind this virtual man. “I didn’t understand, how is that you?”then asks the “trapped” woman.

“As I told you, I saw you sad in love. So I said to myself ‘I’m going to make her happy for an evening’. So I created this Miguel account. The next day I I saw you, you were very happy. So I started the same thing again the next day. I continued and I wanted to stop. Because I said to myself ‘stop it’s not okay’. “But besides that I saw you happy at work”, then tries to defend herself Maeva. But the damage is done… “Miguel is Maeva… I am shocked. I realize that for seven months it was Maeva that I flirted with. and she was acting… Shame!” regretted the colleague of Maeva who will undoubtedly ask to be accountable in the episode of this Monday, March 27.


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