Hiromi Rollin hospitalized, the Mayor of Douchy balances on his altercation with the Delon clan!

Anger is brewing within the Delon clan. Wednesday July 5, 2023, Anouchka, Anthony and Alain-Fabien filed a complaint against Hiromi Rollin, companion of Alain Delon for “moral harassment” and “misappropriation of correspondence”. For his part, the eldest of the famous actor also accuses the sexagenarian of “willful violence on a vulnerable person”, “abuse of weakness”, “kidnapping of a vulnerable person” and “violence on animals”. A decision he chose to explain in a press release. “I signed this complaint in solidarity with the family, but I also filed mine which I established over almost a year and a half and which must absolutely, for obvious reasons, complement that of the family” , he indicated.

The day after the complaint lodged by the siblings, the family of the sacred cinema monster would also have wanted to expel from the Brûlerie estate, the artist’s home in Douchy, in the Loiret, the one whom Alain Delon presented as his “companion”. Angry, the latter would have expressed her dissatisfaction, which would have prompted the police to intervene. The firefighters would then have arrived on the scene to take Hiromi in charge. Hospitalized, the latter would have obtained a temporary work stoppage of 5 days. According to information from Parisian, his medical certificate would have revealed the presence of redness on the level of the forearms, the thorax and the abdomen.

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“The family did not want to let her in”

Interviewed by France 3, Abel Martin, Mayor of Douchy, spoke about the case. “The family did not want to let her in”he reported. “She got a little nervous, and they called the gendarmerie. Then she was taken away by the ambulance.” A surreal scene for the inhabitants of this town in the Centre-Val de Loire.


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