Hiromi Rollin denounces an “attempted homicide” on the actor

In a letter sent to the courts, the lawyer of the woman who presents herself as the partner of the actor requests the opening of an investigation from the Montargis prosecutor.



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French actor Alain Delon during the 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival, May 19, 2019. (CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP)

New episode in the Delon affair. The lawyer for Hiromi Rollin, who presents herself as the companion of the French actor, estimated in a letter sent to the courts that the decisions taken by the Delon children could “characterize the facts of attempted voluntary homicide”. Yassine Bouzrou sent a six-page letter requesting the opening of an investigation to the prosecutor of Montargis, not far from the residence in Douchy (Loiret) where Alain Delon lives, aged 88 and in declining health since a stroke in 2019.

“Mrs. Rollin is particularly worried and shocked by the exchanges between the children revealed today in the press, which is why she has decided to bring to your attention the facts of attempted intentional homicide which she suspects were committed.” is it written in this letter revealed by Le Figaro And The Parisianwhich AFP (but not franceinfo) was able to consult on Saturday January 14.

A “failure to follow-up treatment”

Hiromi Rollin’s lawyer argues that “the treatment to stabilize the development of the lymphoma he suffers from has not been administered to him since July 2023, i.e. more than six months”. Also, “the rapid and serious deterioration of his state of health thus appears directly linked to this lack of treatment monitoring”denounces Yassine Bouzrou.

Hiromi Rollin was expelled from the Douchy home on July 5, 2023 by the three children of Alain Delon, who had also filed a complaint against her, among other things for violence against a vulnerable person and abuse of weakness against their father. These complaints were closed without further action. Since then, the actor’s children have filed complaints against each other and are tearing each other apart in the media.

The sons, Anthony and Alain-Fabien, believe that Alain Delon is manipulated by their sister Anouchka, who allegedly hid his state of health from them. She would like to bring him back to Switzerland to avoid paying too much tax on the inheritance, according to Anthony. But the youngest accuses her brothers of endangering the actor’s life. She claims to have wanted to take their father to Switzerland so that he could continue to receive treatment there.

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