Hillary Vanderosieren talks about her future childbirth, an operation is planned (EXCLUDED)

On the occasion of the new season of Moms & Famous, broadcast on TFX, Hillary Vanderosieren agreed to answer questions from Purepeople.com. The former reality TV candidate turned influencer has notably mentioned her new pregnancy. Because yes, Giovanni Bonamy’s fiancée is pregnant with their second child. After Milo (born in July 2020), it is still a little boy who will join their family very soon. If she is more comfortable with this second pregnancy, Hillary Vanderosieren however fears childbirth. And for good reason, for her eldest, the pretty 29-year-old blonde had to undergo a cesarean section. An intervention that will repeat itself once again. She explains.

Why did you have a cesarean section during your first delivery?

I wanted to give birth naturally and in fact we had complications, I was triggered three times, it didn’t work and Milo had the cord around his neck and suddenly I had to have an emergency cesarean in the maternity ward. .

Are you worried that this will happen again?

I think about it every day because I have to have a cesarean section again. I got pregnant too early and my scars are too fresh so they don’t want to take any risks and they prefer to do me again. So I think about it every day because I know what I’ve been through.

You are going to return to France for the delivery. Why this choice ?

Because already, the first months in Dubai, they did not give me any confidence in the fact of giving birth here. It is not a question of insurance either because we have international insurance, so we are covered all over the world. It’s mainly to have the same maternity as Milo, I wanted the same doctor, I still have a cesarean, it’s a heavy operation so I want it to happen in good circumstances. And at the end of the maternity ward, I find it nice to have our friends and our families to see the little one, it’s still important.

You said a few months ago that you had trouble finding a name for the baby, especially because with Giovanni, you couldn’t come to an agreement. Is the first name found today? A little clue?

No, he still hasn’t been found … We have some ideas, I wanted a name that was a little American and Gio more Italian like Milo. So we really didn’t agree. We like Alessio, Romeo, Mateo … Things like that so I think it will be that kind.

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