Hezbollah says it launched more than 100 rockets at Israeli positions

Hezbollah claims Tuesday March 12 to have launched “more than 100 rockets” on Israeli military positions. Since the start of the war on October 7 between Israel and Hamas, violence has been daily between the Israeli army and the Lebanese Islamist movement and the threats of open war are increasing. Hezbollah says it acted “in response to Israeli attacks on our people, villages and towns, most recently near the town of Baalbeck where a citizen was killed”. The day before, Israeli airstrikes left one dead in eastern Lebanon. Follow our live stream.

The first aid boat left for Gaza. The first ship using a maritime corridor between Cyprus and the Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territory on the brink of famine left the Cypriot port of Larnaca on Tuesday morning, said one of the two NGOs responsible for this operation. L’Open Arms is transporting 200 tons of food to be distributed in Gaza.

A start to Ramadan under the sign of war. The people of Gaza gathered “without joy” Monday evening for a first daily breaking of the fast at the start of Ramadan marked this year by the threat of famine and air raids. UN chief Antonio Guterres said “dismayed that the conflict continues in Gaza during the holy month” of Ramadan.

New UN alert on the threat of famine. “Hurry up” to avoid famine in the northern Gaza Strip “in the grip of a humanitarian catastrophe” lack of sufficient food aid, the head of the United Nations World Food Program warned on Monday. “The hungry people of Gaza cannot wait any longer”said Cindy McCain.

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