“He’s a liar! He doesn’t like children, and he doesn’t like animals” Jean Reno swings at Christian Clavier

This February 8, 2024, when he is soon showing in “Retirement home 2″, with Kev Adams, Jean Reno was the guest of RTL. And the 75-year-old actor returned to a grueling shoot for a film released in 1991, in which he starred in children. An ordeal that his friend and esteemed colleague Christian Clavier would never have endured, whom he tackled in the process!

“He’s a liar!He doesn’t like children, and he doesn’t like animals.”

Jade Hallyday’s godfather explained: “I remember, I was a priest in Mexico, I had 36 children. The man in the golden mask, a long, long time ago it was very, very difficult“. And to add about the one who gave him the answer in the saga “Visitors” : “Christian Clavier he hates, Christian if you’re listening to us. He doesn’t like kids, and he doesn’t like animals.”

On the plateau, in RTL Good eveninghost Julien Sellier then interrupted him, reporting that Christian Clavier was nevertheless striving to declare everywhere: “no but I like playing with children, they are like me, they have no attention, and it annoys them to film after the second take“. Without filters, Jean Reno assured his host, about the Splendid actor whom he knows very well: “He’s a liar!“ General laughter on RTL.

This film where he shoots with children

We can easily imagine how the filming of “Guardian Angels” by Jean-Marie Poiré, (in which he shared the poster with a certain Gérard Depardieu), must have been trying for Christian Clavier. He, who plays Father Hervé Tarain, is responsible for managing a group of children during a summer camp!


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